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The Greater Essex County District School Board in Essex/Kingsville

Meet Julia

 Thank you for the honour of serving as the GECDSB trustee for Kingsville-Harrow-Essex. 

I’m a life long learner who loves kids, who enjoys regularly visiting area schools across the district and supporting community events. I’m readily accessible by phone, my personal email is [email protected] and I’m active on various social media.

Well respected provincially, my past service has been as a Director and Voting Delegate on our public school board’s provincial association, the OPSBA and as a member of Executive Council as Regional Vice President of Western Region. This honour meant representing the GECDSB as well as Avon-Maitland DSB, Bluewater DSB, Lambton Kent DSB, Thames Valley DSB and the John McGivney Centre School Authority. I’ve been a member and served as Chairperson of the provincial Education Program Work Team and now serve on the Policy Development Work Team.

While budgets are determined locally, school boards do not have the power to raise taxes locally. Funding is provided primarily by the provincial government in a variety of grants – mostly on a per-pupil basis once a student is enrolled. Provincial advocacy therefore provides a strong voice on behalf of local taxpayers who support public education, since the province holds the purse strings for funding and develops policy in consultation with other elected members and the public.

I strive to keep well informed on the myriad of educational issues, and I consistently seek input from involved parents, as well as the over 70% of taxpayers who don’t directly have kids in school, but who are public education supporters in all communities.

Some thoughts:

The job of school board trustees is to use all available resources in the wisest way to provide the opportunities for our children’s most richly imagined futures. This means promoting student achievement and well-being for ALL learners, increasing meaningful parental engagement, advocating for equity between city & rural county schools, governing the implementation of innovative and best teaching and learning practices, and upgrading facilities. These will continue to be priorities for the next 4 year term. Change is underway with a new provincial government, funding changes, curriculum review, various provincial consultation, and changing economies and demographics. Experience in these matters will be vital! I have no conflicts of interest that would prevent me from fully discussing and voting on any issues before the board and deliberating on our annual budget. Labour negotiations will be a pressing issue in 2019.

Local issues of focus for Kingsville-Essex will be the design & build of the K-12 French Immersion/English dual track school on the southern shore. The focus for Kingsville-Essex will be the design & build of the K-12 French Immersion/English dual track school on the southern shore. The school district continues to note an increase in the number of students identified with special education needs, a rise in students identifying with anxiety and mental health and wellness needs that exceed the community supports currently in place to meet those needs. Strong advocacy and development of new - and building upon existing – community partnerships will be needed. Maintaining vital community schools with adequate support, the right resources and staff in all schools for ALL learners requires ethical vigilance, transparency and a thorough understanding and prioritization of the operational budget of the school board.

About Julia

 Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world 
- Nelson Mandela


5 years University of Windsor, Faculties of Engineering and Science 1978 - 1983


Office and Administration (U.I.C., Canada Post,) Hospitality/Service (Ms. Lord Selkirk II) Sales and Management in leading consumer and health care products (Procter & Gamble, Scholl/Schering/Plough, Maybelline, Clairol, Durex)


2000, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2014 to represent public education supporters in the municipalities of the Town of Essex and the Town of Kingsville on the Greater Essex County District School Board


Married since 1976 to Jim Hulme, one son Clement (1989), a graduate of JMPS and KDHS

Community Service:

Board member and/or volunteer for many area charities and causes: Migration Community Hall, WLMT, WFT, Stone and Sky, Pelee Island Farmer’s Market, etc.


in Canada's southernmost town, Kingsville Ontario
1371 Oxford Avenue East
Kingsville, ON N9Y 2G7

Committee Work Julia has served on:

Chairperson of:

The Board of Trustees, GECDSB
Community Action Committee
Education Program Committee
Operations & Finance Committee
Fundraising Policy Committee

Member of:

Indigenous Education Protocol Committee
Indigenous Education Advisory Committee
Healthy Lifestyles Committee
Accessibility (AODA) Committee
Indigenous Self-Identification Committee
Policy Committee
By-law Review Committee
Director’s Performance Appraisal Review Committee
Supervised Alternate Learning
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
School Council Policy Committee
Joint Employee Assistance Program Committee

Selection Committees:
Student Trustee
Supervisory Officer
Director’s Search
Student Scholarship and Bursary

Ad-Hoc committees:
Fundraising Policy
School Council Policy

Director on board of various community facilities:

Kingsville Migration Community Hall
Essex County Civic and Education Centre Management Committee


Vice President of Western Region (Executive Council member) 5 years
Vice Chair Western Region 2 years
Director, Voting Delegate and Alternate Director/VotingDelegate
Chair, Member of Education Program Work Team
Policy Development Work Team
Governance Review Committee
Education Alliance for a Sustainable Ontario
AGM planning committee for Windsor, London and Ottawa
Public Education Symposium (PES) Planning Committee
Scholarship and Awards Selection Committee
Legal Defense fund (which led to intervenor status with the School Energy Coalition)

In the Community:

Keynote speaker at Migration Festival , Kingsville Member, Windsor Light Music Theatre Policy & Procedures Committee
Vice President and Director, Windsor Feminist Theatre (WFT, founded 1980)

Budding playwright:

original work: Marilyn @ Jack’s
Actively involved in the arts, member of several amateur community, professional, and semi-professional theatre companies including governance work within the arts community.


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1371 Oxford Avenue East
Kingsville, ON N9Y 2G7

519 981-4455

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